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Pensé que no tenía origen, que simplemente era una letra que soñaba ser borboleta; tres líneas cruzadas que se asombraban con sus encuentros y desencuentros; pensé que era alguien a quien le aterrorizaba el aterrizaje y prefería usar las palabras para asirse a la tierra. Ahora sé que vengo de los jázaros y que los sueños (tanto dormida como despierta) son lo mio. Algunos (creen que) me (llaman) gusta el (ser) Bella Durmiente. Yo sé que soy (Bella) y (que) duermo, y sin embargo, (no) espero el (beso) ajeno (para) despertar.

miércoles, agosto 16, 2006

absurdity of pets...

very like one of the first posts... but I got this in an e-mail that said "why do dogs attack their owners"... the pictures say so much more... and truth be said, why do we put our pets, or kids or boyfriends thru such ordeals? why cant we just be comfortable with our Elvis outfit all by ourselves...?


Blogger Marisol said...

Hi Kelly my name is Marisol. I'm new at this blog thing! LOL! So I thought I'd just drop by your blog and leave you a comment! Get to know some people. Your blog is quite interesting. Though the picture of the dog in a costume with three heads was kinda of creepy. LOL!! I had to take a second look right quick! But I like the way your page is set up. Very nice. I hope you can come to my blog when you get the chance and leave a comment so I know you were there. Maybe we can become friends or something! Have a great day and Take Care!!

1:50 p. m.  

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