Illusion of disillusions

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Nombre: K.
Ubicación: Tuvalu

Pensé que no tenía origen, que simplemente era una letra que soñaba ser borboleta; tres líneas cruzadas que se asombraban con sus encuentros y desencuentros; pensé que era alguien a quien le aterrorizaba el aterrizaje y prefería usar las palabras para asirse a la tierra. Ahora sé que vengo de los jázaros y que los sueños (tanto dormida como despierta) son lo mio. Algunos (creen que) me (llaman) gusta el (ser) Bella Durmiente. Yo sé que soy (Bella) y (que) duermo, y sin embargo, (no) espero el (beso) ajeno (para) despertar.

martes, agosto 22, 2006

from food to art

its a way of life, a way of eating... and now, a way of art.
why the hell not?

vegans + art = veganica

lunes, agosto 21, 2006


Efectivamente, no habiamos llegado a la cúspide de lo absurdo y dulce...
hasta ahora...

una carrera de patos de hule en un río... qué belleza


miércoles, agosto 16, 2006

absurdity of pets...

very like one of the first posts... but I got this in an e-mail that said "why do dogs attack their owners"... the pictures say so much more... and truth be said, why do we put our pets, or kids or boyfriends thru such ordeals? why cant we just be comfortable with our Elvis outfit all by ourselves...?

lunes, agosto 14, 2006

dying for fashion...

Sería fascinante que las personas realmente se vistieran dentro de la cotidianidad como en este catwalk...

amsterdam fashion week

Mis favoritos son:
- Der Kommissar por su erotismo infantil
- Edwin Oudshoorn por su fantasía maravillosa
- Percy Irausquin por que quiero esos vestidos


lunes, agosto 07, 2006

canciones celulares...

llama, graba y escucha una canción por celular...

un absurdo más del arte y la tecnología moderna...

celulares que cantan

jueves, agosto 03, 2006

Happy Birthday ... socks...

Insanity in a tradition that doesn´t exist... but it sounds like such fun...


P.s. my birthday is in november... and I am open to receive socks...

martes, agosto 01, 2006

AguaSonic Eastern Pacific Grey

This is a biorthogonal 3.3 movie of the sounds of an Eastern Pacific Grey whale, Eschrichtius robustus. This movie was built at 10 frames per second, but assembled at 6, so the sound is at 60% of what you would hear in the water.

el color del canto de las ballenas

August 1, 2006

Subtle Math Turns Songs of Whales Into Kaleidoscopic Images
(Del nytimes)

What do whale songs and wavelets have in common? Quite a bit, and the wavelets have nothing to do with water.

In a Northern California studio, Mark Fischer, an engineer by training, uses wavelets — a technique for processing digital signals — to transform the haunting calls of ocean mammals into movies that visually represent the songs and still images that look like electronic mandalas. (His art can be found at

Mr. Fischer learned about acoustics by developing software for Navy sonar and the telecommunications industry. Years later, a serendipitous brush with whale researchers in Baja California led him to take a closer look at whales and the diversity of their intricate underwater communication. “I don’t think anyone has ever spent even a little time around a whale and not been amazed by it,” Mr. Fischer said in an interview.

Mr. Fischer creates visual art from sound using wavelets. Once relatively obscure, wavelets are being used in applications as diverse as JPEG image compression, high definition television and earthquake research, said Gilbert Strang, a math professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an expert on wavelets.

They are popular now in part because they can capture intricate detail without losing the bigger picture, and when presented in circular form (using a cylindrical coordinate system), repeated patterns are even more evident. By stringing successive images together, Mr. Fischer transforms still images into animated audio files that bring the sound to life.

Among whales, certain sounds and patterns are unique to different species, and even individuals in a group — something like an auditory fingerprint, Mr. Fischer said. “To anyone who doesn’t listen to it on a regular basis it sounds like a bunch of clicks,” he said. “But if you’re a whale — or someone who studies whales — it becomes clear that they have their own dialects.”

Wavelets are capable of picking up those distinctions, Mr. Fischer said, nuances that may be missed by the human ear or less detailed visualization methods. “You can pick out any one of those movies and I’ll tell you what it is without hearing a thing,” he said. “The differences are that dramatic.” He envisions a day when researchers may be able to use images generated using wavelets to identify and track individual whales.

Peter Tyack agrees that the technique has potential not only as art, but as a scientific research tool. A senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Dr. Tyack studies the way humpback whales communicate, trying to show that the repetitions in whale songs follow grammatical rules similar to those of human language.

“Looking at those figures, it looked like you could see a lot of repeated units,” Dr. Tyack said of the images. “It looks like he’s visualizing some of the points that we made in the paper about humpback song.”

Despite having analyzed recordings from at least 16 species of whales, Mr. Fischer said he had just scratched the surface. “It’s still a wide-open world out there,” he said. “You think you’re in the 21st century and we have the means to get anything, but when it concerns the deep ocean there is still quite a bit of mystery.”

In the meantime, Mr. Fischer hopes that by merging science and art, he will inspire a greater appreciation of whales among both marine biologists and the public, as he gives many people a glimpse of a world they would otherwise never experience.

“It’s a very rare opportunity to be in the water listening to a whale,” he said. A picture, on the other hand, is something you can hang on your wall and look at every day.

“When you see what whales are doing with sound, or begin to see what they are capable of, it is clear that humans are not the only artists on the planet,” he said.